All hospitality at Scottish Gas Murrayfield is conceived, built, sold and delivered by Scottish Rugby Hospitality and their team based at BT Murrayfield, the home of Scotland and Edinburgh Rugby.  We also work with a carefully selected group of authorised resellers to resell our packages.

Our resellers have been issued with an Official Reseller logo to give prospective customers the assurance that they are buying official hospitality.  Any match-day hospitality at BT Murrayfield sold by anyone other than Scottish Rugby Hospitality or those carefully selected resellers are not deemed to be official and we strongly advise you not to purchase them.  If you are unsure, please contact us on 0131 346 5250.

The full list of resellers listed below have completed our approval process.

  • AllSports Hospitality Ltd
  • Ambro Sports & Events Ltd
  • AOK Events Limited
  • AR Events Ltd
  • Circuit Hospitality Ltd
  • Clearpoint Business Services Ltd
  • Core Events Hospitality Group Ltd 
  • Corinthian Sports
  • Corporate Entertainment Company Limited
  • CSM Sport & Entertainment LLP T/A CSM Corporate Hospitality
  • DTB Sports Hospitality and Event Management Ltd
  • Engage Sport Management Ltd
  • Eventeam Group
  • Events International
  • Everything Hospitality Limited
  • Finders Keepers Sports & Marketing Ltd
  • Gala Hospitality
  • Grandstand Events
  • Gullivers Sports Travel Ltd
  • Hasta World
  • Hospitality Centre Ltd
  • Hospitality Sports & Banquetting Club Ltd (Hospitality Finder)
  • Imperial Corporate Events Ltd
  • Keith Prowse
  • MatchPoint Ltd
  • On Side Hospitality Ltd
  • Pantheon Hospitality Ltd
  • Paragon One Live
  • InRhodes
  • Rocket Hospitality
  • Seat Unique
  • Smith Events Ltd
  • Travel Connection Europe Ltd
  • Trophy Events
  • Worldwide Hospitality Group Ltd

Want to speak to someone directly?  Then why not contact us by following us on one of our Social Channels, which can be found here, and send us a Direct Message.  Alternatively, you can call us on 0131 346 5250 or email us at