Events – Lynda Collins, Diageo Leven

From the first conversation with Lorna in the early stages of planning, I knew this would be a great partnership!  Organising an event for over 500 people is no mean feat but having the whole team involved at Murrayfield from the offset including Event Planner, Head Chef, Ops Manager, Bar Manager was not only excellent communications but also very reassuring!

Our requests and visions were met by the Murrayfield team with enthusiasm and with a few months of discussions on event execution, I can honestly say that the event itself was seamless.  The staff were so accommodating and knowledgeable, the food was truly outstanding and the behind the scenes masters delivered an exceptional event of which all 500 of us will never forget!

Murrayfield Stadium as a venue is not only a place to host an event but the pre event planning and the aftercare is a whole experience.  And one which I would definitely hope to repeat in the future. Thank you everyoneDiageo Leven.


Lynda Collins