Rugby, Centenary Club – Damian Eames

“Recently my extended family and I enjoyed the professionalism and match day hospitality at Murrayfield. While the result wasn’t favourable, the hospitality experience from booking, to welcome, to the event and finally our departure was exemplary.”  


Damian Eames – Edinburgh v Connacht, Centenary Club

Rugby, Centenary Club – Matthew Syme, MCO Consultancy

Thank you for a fantastic experience in the Centenary Club. My clients and I had a sensational time with the food, hospitality and service being impeccable.

The real highlight for the entire party was the candid nature of the guests which you do not get to experience by watching television interviews. The presenter was engaging throughout and made the varied panel of guests feel comfortable to provide unrehearsed and unsanitized responses which gave such a fantastic insight into the game of rugby.  All of the party agreed that this would be an experience that we would like to do again.  


Matthew Syme, MCO Consultancy – Scotland v England, Centenary Club.